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Thumps Up!

So I got the big finger the other day for what I think was uncalled for!

But who knows, sometimes driving is an adventure and you never know when someone is out there, including me, with less than a lighter mood. I am sure it’s happened to most of us. You see, I was on my usual day full of encouragement and with a positive attitude to go and view a wonderful condo at Young and Sheppard in Toronto – what a beautiful vibrant area of Toronto I must say!

As I approached the building and was making a right hand turn on to the designated street, there was a person and their dog on a long retractable leash, then out of nowhere the dog almost crosses the road while I was making the turn! The person immediately looks up from gazing at her smart phone and pulls the dog back, their Pokémon frustration and their large finger was directed right at me!

Man, I didn’t know if this person was going to lose their Pokémon and the dog!!!

I continued slowly as I was, shaked my head and let the seconds of frustration vanish. Funny because I was watching the Olympic swimming the other day and Santo Condorelli, one of our amazing Canadian swimmers flips off the finger to his dad just before he hits the starting point and his dad flips it right back… It’s a motivational thing and has being going on for some time now throughout his career, completely mutual, unlike the other aggravated fingers out there. I think of it as a gesture of human nature; we don’t realize what we do at times.

So anyway, I get to the building and we view the unit with my young clients and guess what, not only do I get a positive a response from them, I get the good finger, I get the Thumbs Up!

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Phil Battista

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