The Supermarket Captain

I don’t know about you but more than anything, when I shop, I like shopping at the local grocery store! Forget shopping for shoes, clothes, and other things… unless it’s for golf, now that’s another story.

You see at my local food market I know where everything is, I can run up and down the aisles, if it has to be quick, I get my stuff and I’m out of there, or I take my time, spot the deals on the produce, meat, fish, essentials and so on. It is especially good spending time there while I think about what I want to cook for the evening. I then Google what’s tantalizing my pallet right there and then and presto baby I’m in food and cooking mode, all the ingredients are at my finger tips and I know where it all is.

Yes, my local market also sells beer now and vino. The vino has actually been there for a while now. It’s so good to always taste a sample just to get things going.

When I list a property and do the marketing for it I always try and emphasize the amenities in the area! I remember one time when a couple came into my open house and one of the questions they asked was about the local supermarkets in the area and their proximity to the listing I was representing. They were a young family who were moving into the city from a rural area because of work. They were a wonderful couple with a little one with massive beautiful blue eyes like her mother and they had another on the way.

You know in their neck of the woods they had a small general store, that carried all their basic needs. But in the store near my listing, they had all the other necessary requirements like exotic spices, hot peppers, pizza dough, the wonderful deli meats, olive and cheese varieties, Haagen Dazs ice-cream and let’s not forget the delicious canned San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. Just an amazing wide array of tantalizing goodies everywhere, mmm nice!

As I’m going through my spiel with the young couple I suddenly think, I might have gone a little overboard with the food stuff and where to get everything. The young man looked at me and I at him, I saw he was somewhat perplexed, lost I think, not sure where to begin when he entered the local supermarket. I too felt his pain, I had the same feeling once or twice going through uncharted aisles of other supermarkets, even the signs above the aisles didn’t make sense! I then assured him, do not worry my friend, once you get used to it, your food and drink shopping woes are over and you will be sailing through those aisles like a Supermarket Captain!
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