The Investment of a Lifetime

One of my recent clients is 87 years old, he is a wonderful man! He has told me in confidence many things. What I like to share with you is this. He comes from a tough life, 7 brothers and sisters that his mother reared with nickels and dimes, trials and tribulations throughout his whole life. I currently sold him a home that suits his needs. At first I was convinced that he should sell his current home, larger of course and a little much to maintain and get into a nursing home! So I investigated all the possibilities and tried my damndest to make him realize at this point in his life he does not need to get into another purchase.

Well let me tell you this, I was told with rigor and humbleness that he was not going to spend the rest of his life waiting to die. He figured he was going to live until 100 and with that, his investment would be worth a lot more at that time and would be able to leave his inheritance to his loved ones; he figured all the money that he would pay at a nursing home would be a waste and not a solid investment.

Was I shut down or what?! It’s obvious some of us think we have a crystal ball and are able to predict the future. Like many do in the Real Estate Market! Me too, in this instance! So I found an excellent town house for him in an adult community with all the amenities he needed, close to his family, a gym, a pool, etc. By the way, my client has heart disease, talk about confidence! He was elated to say the least…

Just so you know my Grandfather Felice Battista on more than one occasion used say to me “if you can’t touch it, if you can’t feel it, don’t buy it…”

Brick and mortar my friends!

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