Super Moms

My grandmothers were Super Moms, not the type to take you to soccer games or join the local school parent council and they wouldn’t mind if you played outside all day and into the night. Not that other moms of the day don’t allow the same but it was a bit different back in the day.  As Italian immigrants we lived in a home in downtown Toronto on Shaw Street. My Mother at the time was always helping around the house with my grandmother leading the way. My uncles and my dad were all working as there were not many jobs available for Italian women at the time. So they cleaned, took care of the garden, made pasta from scratch, the tomato sauce was from scratch too, in fact everything was from scratch, they sewed your ripped pants, smacked you in the but when you needed to be smacked,  gave you the right remedies when you were sick and they loved the hell out of you! They were all-around Super Mothers! 

I remember one day my Grandmother asked me to go downstairs and help her with the chickens she was going to prepare for the night’s meal, I ran downstairs to check out what was going on and low and behold there was a chicken running around with his head cut off flapping its wings until my grandmother finally snatched it, she had a big smile on her face and then broke out into laughter after she saw the expression on my face as she held the headless chicken in her hand. I was very young at the time and I don’t think it was cruel in any way to me or the chicken, it was the meal for the night and we had to prepare the chicken!  My mother was also in tears when all this went down. What awesome Moms!

The house on Shaw street was amazing, it had three floors, a detached garage in the back yard where the garden and the chicken coop was, it had a laneway near the garage where all the kids would play, a huge front porch where on Sundays my aunts, my mom and my grandmother would sit after lunch and enjoy watching the kids play in their front yard, while my dad and uncles were sleeping on the couch!  Later on in life great lessons were learnt from these Super Moms. Some of the biggest lessons were toughing it out and reading into things. I loved those days and I love Mother’s Day, because if it weren’t for our mothers and grandmothers, a good hearty chicken soup would be hard to come by!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Phil Battista

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