Long Hot Summer Days

How about those long hot summer days that fall into those warm embracing evenings…

I am so into it these days, I almost forgot to write my weekly blog, as a matter of fact I’m a few days late! It’s been one of those summers eh, partying with friends at their house, my house, at the beach, at the local pub and at all the amazing events that started the summer! Beer fests, car racing, world soccer events, baseball, picnics or just going out with someone to your local Dairy Queen and grabbing your favourite treat!

At times when it’s quiet and a simple summer breeze hits me, it brings me back to a time when long summer days lasted forever. Being off school and not going back for two months or so, seemed like an eternity, did it not friends? Running up to Ginos local convenience store to get a triple doozy multi-coloured popsicle was a trip in itself. We had to cross a field, then the school parking lot and take a shortcut through an abandoned house’s yard that we just knew was Haunted!

We could only do this shortcut trip in the daytime, never at night and never alone. Me and Onorio got tripped up once going through the backyard trying to scale the fence and I could have sworn the fence turned into these steely hands that weren’t going to let go. Our knees were scratched up and Nona’s shirt, that I think she got from $1.44 Days at Woolco, ripped almost to shreds. But we always got to Ginos Convenience store! 25 cents later and in less than a minute the popsicle was devoured, brain freeze and all!

Most of the time we took the long way back, depending on who you were with, if it was with Donny then forget it, you had to go back the same way and he always managed to get his popsicle for “free”. An amazing time in itself I’d say!

I was recently, showing homes to clients of mine who wanted to kind of get back to those days, nice small town with old beautiful homes around and an old vacant creepy house that was also up for sale in the neighbourhood… go figure. Just around the corner was Harry’s Milk and convenience store. I looked at my clients and asked them with a huge grin on my face, how about I treat you to a treat at Harry’s, they smiled “just water for us please.” As I walked in, I was pretty sure it was Harry who was behind the counter, looked in the ice cream freezer and there it was… the triple multi-coloured popsicle, I purchased the water for my clients, said thanks to Harry and the old bell chimed as I walked out of the store, I looked up the street at the old vacant house and a creepy but good feeling came back to me again – how good are those long hot summer days!
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