Hunker down

Leading up to the close of the year always feels like the race is coming to an end, the year’s journey is closing and it’s time to hunker down. Get the mittens out of the closets, the winter jackets, the boots; get the snow tires on the car, rake up the last of the leaves around the house, and put away the patio furniture. For those of you living the condo style life almost the same thing right, just not as enduring. The cold, crisp air is chilling to the bone in the first few weeks, but then you somewhat climatize. I know it happens to me, no choice in the matter unless of course, you are on a flight south for five months of the year, a different journey altogether and one I am definitely working towards.

It’s been a crazy year in the market friends with really no effect from our (4) seasons! Typically the spring market is a lot more vibrant leading into the summer and then through a robust fall that usually slows down by late October. I think we live in such an awesome place, despite the slushy roads, long cold winters, messy springs, and yes the taxes. It’s like this wonderful safe haven that many throughout the planet don’t or can’t experience.

One other thing I like about the close of the year, like November, is what I like to call the summation month. I go through all the sold listings throughout the year. I prepare and personally sign all my Christmas cards for my clients. I send out all the desktop calendars; write in my Real-estate diary that I have had for the last 14 years with the same exact pen that came with it along with a little brandy. And reflect how fortunate I am to have encountered so many excellent situations and people which in turn resulted in many high fives, solid hugs, the cheek kisses, and yes the “oh yeah baby!!” So, hunker down friends stay warm and love your Home!

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Phil Battista

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