Creepy Inspection!

It was dark and creepy; I flicked the light switch and nothing came on, all the window coverings as far as I could see were thick and full of dust with horrible stains on them. The late afternoon sun could hardly penetrate them. The warning sign said “Enter at your own risk and must have proper masks and gloves as indicated by the ministry of health”.

As I walked in with my Inspector, we both looked at each other and raised both our hands in the air whispering through our white masks “10 minutes only”! Why we were whispering is beyond me, it’s obvious there was no one there. The research said the house was stigmatized, meaning something was up, ghosts, suicide, multiple families, cults/ groups who had inhabited the property. It was old, built in the early fifty’s, the baby boom era and most likely at first it was a blue collar family that lived there with a bunch of kids and a stay-at-home mom while dad went out and eked out a living. As we entered, there were reminders of this.

Over the years no one after the original family had not gotten rid of or replaced really anything! The plastered ceilings in the dining room had wonderful swirls in the texture, at one time it was an art to do this type of work, now cracked and chipping and hanging from the middle of the room was what looked like an old original light fixture broken stained glass, red, green and purple, with a cooking pot and a turkey image on it . The kitchen had the same original cabinets and countertop, thick grease stains and yellow spots indicating water damage all over, the washroom was small dingy, with old one inch by one inch tile around the sink and the bathroom walls were the tub was.

I looked in the medicine cabinet, and there was a brown bottle with a skull and an X on it, poison is what the bottle indicated! That’s all I’m going to say about that. We slowly walked through the property as if we were in a dingy cave, hunched over, with wide open eyes and a bead of sweat started to form on my forehead, even though it was damp and musty, somewhat cold in there.

We kept on peering at each other again and again just to be sure we were close, not saying a word. I had my phone light on to enter the basement as did my Inspector who had a miniature flashlight bright enough to see all that was in front of us. We were on the way down to the basement and, oh boy it was musty and smelly…! The reason we needed to go in this property was to inspect the foundation walls were ok to build on or at least a portion thereof. The house was a tear down in a good area…

As we were in the basement, the rooms had been finished, but man it felt EERIE.., there was this old red shag carpet that was still RED! The wood paneling was falling down, and there was this picture of an old painting of a farm house on the wall in the middle of a field! Going into the furnace/utility room, old tools were still around including this huge pipe wrench, what was it used for in this building…? it is questionable, even my inspector looked at me in awe! Just then and there we heard a bang and slam, the basement door had shut! I pulled down my white mask and shouted to my inspector let’s get the hell out of here! We scurried up the stairs pushed open the jammed door and out we went, almost fell flat on my face down the old concrete stairs as we came out of the property!

What a freaked out experience, let me tell you! My recommendation for you friends … may you always stay away from those creepy places!!! Sometimes my job isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

Brick & Mortar My Friends

Phil Battista

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