Crazy, crazy…

Yup, we did it in just three days!
Crazy, crazy last two weeks Friends! I have been busy selling homes in this market and to no end in sight! Yup, I would have to admit that for sure crazy… So many years in the business Friends, but this one is exceptional! So many people loving their homes, and in turn so many people wanting to love a Home, makes this Greater Toronto Area and the outlying areas like Acton, Guelph, Kitchener, St Catherine’s, Orangeville, Caledon, Bradford, Acton, Cambridge and many other cities very desirable!

This foot print we live on Friends is just remarkable. Another remarkable place is Boston. We drove their last week for a Remax conference /work/ get out of town road-trip and see what the neighbors are up to. After driving through New York State, New Hampshire were their car plates say “Live Free or Die”, which means it is a Tax-Free State…, and then entering Massachusetts and into the city of Boston, I must say beautiful! The drive was excellent even though one-way is approximately 9 hours!

When we were there, we visited Harvard University in Cambridge, Fenway Park; stayed at an AIR B&B that my Boy booked for us in East Cambridge, the new thing these days with regards to accommodation, I was skeptical at first but it worked out just fine. Then we stayed at the Boston Park Plaza in the city, another night and that was Awesome, not the room but the City! I immersed myself in getting to know what the real-estate is like there and if you think Prices are high here in the GTA, wait until you visit the “HUB” other name for Boston! I bet many of you have traveled most places but for me as they say in Boston slang “ WICKED PISSA.”

What also intrigued me was Dunkin Donuts, not quite like Timmy’s but good. “I’ll take a lahge regulah Then one night we ate at this joint called the Cambridge Brewing Company one of the best burgers I have ever tasted, and I have had a lot of burgers…, well the beer even tastier.

All & all Friends it’s always nice to get out of town for a bit and check out how the others are doing in their foot print ! Coming back and crossing back over the border felt good, kind of tired but worth it, we did it all in three days. Yup Crazy EH! Crazy Canucks we are so!

Have a great week you all!
Brick & Mortar My Friends

Phil Battista