Christmas Came Early for This Listing

It’s time to settle in and let the spirit of the Christmas holidays humble us. Typically at this time of year we are caught up in the fast moving pace of the season and most are not thinking of Real Estate. Well let me say this I just listed this wonderful home a few days ago despite the fact it is December!

My clients were hesitant about going forward and I was with them. So before they made the decision I did some research as I always do and found that December is not actually a bad time to list. One of the facts that was evident is that there really are not many new listings coming on the market in December as would let’s say in April, complete opposite almost. Hence, there are many listings available that haven’t sold on the market that were listed two or three months ago, sometimes the price was too high for the type of property they were trying to sell.

I’ll get to the point.  I informed my clients that listing in December could work well for your particular property just because it’s NEW on the market and if we price it right you will blow the competition out of the water.

All things considered, my clients listed! In the first two days we had 14 showings and 2 offers! Sold! Thinking objectively, doing your research can make any day in December except the 25th a good day to think real estate! Have an awesome week!

Brick and Mortar My Friends!

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