The national anthems, time outs, hands in the air, and loud bellowing shouts of yeaaaaaa! The fist pump, the massive hugs… I just absolutely love it. Man, I love a good playoff game.

Basketball and especially the Raptors have been wicked to watch and the fast paced hockey matches have been amazing too! It’s going to be a great year for sports enthusiasts with the Olympics coming up and golf… I love golf!

We played our share of sports in my day. We still do! At our old house we always had the nets set up for hockey, the basket ball net was there from early April until late October. We lived in an awesome court location and it was perfect for the kids and yes, also the adults. We would have games with whomever wanted to play that day. I would also get out there at times on my own and throw a few baskets when no one was around. FANTASTIC!

I sold and awesome semi-detached home the other day in a court location and when the deal was done, hands were in the air, genuine hugs were felt and yes, as I said goodbye to my happy clients and locked my office door… I let go a solid fist pump. Couldn’t help it! Sometimes it’s just all about the Buzzzzzzzz!

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Phil Battista

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