All Good!

…and a month later, we haven’t got rid of the skunk stink!
Friends, unreal! I sincerely missed you. Today October 5th, 2016 is a good day! Do you know why? Simply because it is… that’s all friends! So I haven’t written a blog for a while now, and I was thinking never too late and always on time, pure timing friends!

I had a busy summer, with a whole new perspective in so many ways. It was invigorating, challenging and quite humorous to say the least… Like out of the blue, we started a cooking show, and there was me cooking some of my favorite dishes, the show was called “Cooking with your agent”! Yup, nine segments later and a lot of it, let’s just say fabulloso! Then we started a thing called PropertySpark, then another company that does Flower Walls, and another company that helps people achieve Employment. It’s like this big mix of greatness!

Who knows the success it will gain, but we feel good about it.

My past clients who have been in their homes for some 14 years now, have just recently asked me to forward them some of my recipes from the Cooking with your Agent Show, and with great pleasure, I did so.

It all sounds awesome… yes? Well, there was other stuff that also happened, like one of our distinguished partners had an extreme bowl explosion in the toilet, not nice! My 14-year-old dog got ‘tornadoed’ by skunk spray just recently, and I ate frog legs for the first time, and the bill was even worse! The washing machine sounds like a horrible tsunami is on its way, ready to spit out the last pieces of clothing from a sunken shipwreck, and we still can’t get the skunk stink out of Chico!

Brick & Mortar My Friends

Phil Battista

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